Samsung is investigating reports that its phones are sending personal photos to users' contact list without their knowing.

A number of phone owners with the latest model, the Galaxy S9+, claimed that their phone had sent their entire photo gallery to a person in their contact list without their knowing, according to the Daily Telegraph.

It only became apparent after the recipient alerted them.

Despite having no record on their phone, their bill confirmed that several photo messages had been sent.


Complaints posted on Samsung's customer service portal and on digital forum Reddit suggest that the issue relates to the default messaging app, which is typically used to sent SMS text messages.

One user claimed a Samsung S9+ sent his entire photo gallery to his girlfriend while he was sleeping. Another claimed that his wife had been receiving random photos and messages from his phone without his knowing.

The Korean phone-maker told the Telegraph it had been reviewing the matter over the past few days, but that it had not yet found hardware or software issues that may have caused the bug.

The incidents occurred in the US, which prompted speculation that a phone carrier may have been to blame while updating the text messaging service it offered.

Samsung said it had not heard of any other reports in the UK but a spokesman said "it will continue to investigate this issue further".

"Samsung encourages any customers who may have questions or concerns to contact their local Customer Service centre."

The Samsung messaging app is the default for texting on S9+ phones however those who are concerned can download third party messaging apps like Textra and disable the default version in settings.