An ex-chef at a defunct Wellington fine dining restaurant has failed in another round of his court claim against his former business partner.

Wellington's Jozsef Szekely and Samuel North decided to open restaurant Muse on Allen together in 2012 and both invested money.

North's parents also put funds into the business.

But the venture was not successful and the relationship between the two chefs broke down.


Szekely was removed as a director of the pair's firm in 2013, shares were transferred out of his name on the Companies Office and he had no involvement in the business from then on.

He then launched legal action against North and his parents arguing their behaviour was oppressive, unfairly discriminatory or unfairly prejudicial.

He sought $97,500 from them, along with interest and costs.

But Justice Jillian Mallon, who heard the High Court case, found that at the time of the Companies Office transfer, Szekely's shares were of no value.

Given the losses incurred, Szekely's investment was gone by the time the shares were transferred out his name.

Justice Mallon rejected his claim.

Szekely then took the matter to the Court of Appeal, but his challenge was dismissed this afternoon.