It started out as a small blog in 2010 when then 21-year-old Jordan Rondel wanted to sell a few cakes.

Eight years on, The Caker has eight staff, 37,000 Instagram followers, two recipe books and an impressive reputation - actress Pamela Anderson has reportedly tried one of Rondel's cakes and loved it.

The much-loved cakery has firmly established itself as an Auckland institution but now Rondel is looking to expand her business to Los Angeles.

Rondel said she was still in the planning stages of the move and was unsure of in what capacity The Caker would open up in America. Things like dates, leases and the finer details were still being organised.


"It's a pretty thriving market over there, there are obviously a lot more people than here, and an ever growing need for a cake and a way to celebrate and we think we can do quite well," Rondel said.

Rondel has always loved visiting New York and LA and has travelled there over the years. But local cake-lovers can rest easy as she's not deserting her Auckland home.

"We will definitely be splitting our time between Auckland and Los Angeles," Rondel said.

"The Caker was very much one of those things that I never really thought would become more than a passion project."

Jordan Rondel, owner of The Caker, is expanding her business to the U.S. Photo / Jason Oxenham
Jordan Rondel, owner of The Caker, is expanding her business to the U.S. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Some of the delectable flavours coming out of her K Road store include fig and raspberry, a plum, lime and coconut creation and a dark chocolate, pear and pistachio cake.

She also has a line of boxed baking kits for the home cook - including two cookie flavours she collaborated on with designer Karen Walker: peanut butter dark chocolate and white chocolate, orange and hazelnut.

Rondel runs masterclasses for those interested in creating their own kitchen magic.

"The business has all happened very naturally and unfolded without much planning, to be honest, but that's how it worked and it's probably how we'll keep working."