Ticking the box

This is the time of year when many managers dust off the company's performance appraisal tool and prepare to give it another run.

Sadly, many leaders see it as a "thing that HR has told us to do" and treat it as a chore, rather than a genuine tool of employee empowerment.

Staff members pick up on this as well, expecting their next appraisal to just be a standard "tick the box" exercise, nervously hoping that nothing negative will be highlighted.


Imagine the possibilities

However, imagine a process where an employee could positively highlight their performance in a way their manager could not deny? A way that demonstrated their genuine value to the organisation, and how they personally made a constructive difference in the department? Welcome to the world of "achievements".

Quantifying the difference

Many people constantly do work that is outside the initial role they were employed in — for example a receptionist who over time has been trusted with further HR support, accounts and office administration tasks. Chances are they are not paid any more for this extra work and have not received a more senior job title. However, through their dependability, proactive approach and skill, they have been "awarded" these extra responsibilities. If their manager is not aware of this task "evolution", the next performance appraisal is the time to remind them.

Have you been working on a special project outside your day-to-day role? What was the outcome? This again shows your positive impact on the organisation as a whole.

Being involved in the Health and Safety committee demonstrates a strong team focus, and commitment to ensuring all employees go home to their families healthy and in one piece.

As a sales consultant, have you increased market share or brought on major clients to your company? Have you managed to create repeat business or developed new successful promotional / marketing ideas?

As a customer services specialist, have you received any client commendations or assisted in reducing customer complaints? Can you think of any occasions where you gave excellent customer service— and how did you know the customer was satisfied? (What was the outcome? How did it benefit the company?)


Have you commissioned or set up new IT systems, machinery or programmes at work?

Have you had articles, papers or features published in magazines, journals or books? What publications and when?

Have you presented topics at any conferences or completed public speaking on behalf of your organisation?

Making it positive

By demonstrating not just "what" you do, but highlighting your "value" to your organisation through your achievements, you can turn a simple "tick the box" exercise, into a positive, empowering performance appraisal experience for both you and your manager. Contact Tom to get a copy of his O'Neil Major Achievements Questionnaire. Need a professional CV, LinkedIn profile or career coaching? Contact Tom and the team to assist. Visit www.cv.co.nz or www.CareerCoach.nz to find out more.