A man who was dismissed from his job just before Christmas and his wedding has been awarded $11,000 compensation.

Terence O'Hagan, who was hired on November 1, 2016, on a trial period by rubber foam supplier Envirofoam, was dismissed on December 19, 2016, because of his unsuitability for the job.

O'Hagan claimed that he felt hurt, dumbfounded and humiliated by the decision, saying it "affected me and my wife pretty badly".

O'Hagan claims that on his final day his manager, Garry Sapsford, told him he did not believe O'Hagan's work would improve.


Sapsford told the Employment Relations Authority that this did not come as a great shock to O'Hagan because he had been spoken to a number of times about his performance.

However, O'Hagan said he was very shocked and upset and had no idea that Envirofoam thought he could not do the job adequately.

The authority ruled that Envirofoam did not comply with any of the basic procedural requirements in firing O'Hagan.

"O'Hagan was not told of Sapsford's concerns about his performance in any way that would lead him to believe he might be dismissed. He had no reasonable opportunity to respond to those concerns or to improve his performance."

As a result, the authority decided, O'Hagan had been treated unfairly.

"A fair and reasonable employer could not have acted in the way Envirofoam did. The dismissal was unjustified."

In addition to compensation, Envirofoam was ordered to pay O'Hagan $8840 in lost wages.

The Herald has contacted Envirofoam for comment.