A McDonald's manager has apologised after she was filmed hitting a customer at a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to Fox News, Ciarrea Williams snapped after a female customer allegedly threw hot coffee at her.

"I want to apologise to my head boss, which is my store owner, also my co-workers, my team, my family and my kids," Williams told WJXT.

According to Williams, the customer had been complaining about slow service and had become verbally and racially abusive towards staff.


Williams claims she offered the woman a refund but instead the customer threw two drinks at her, a cold soda and a hot coffee, according to Fox News.

Williams says she was only hit by the soda.

Footage of the altercation, filmed by another customer inside the restaurant, only shows what happened after Williams was allegedly hit with the drink.

A witness told WJXT: "The customer took her whole cup of Coke and threw it at the manager. The manager came out from behind the counter, confronted the lady, kind of butted her up against the counter, slapped her face, knocked her glasses off."

Meanwhile, Williams has called the incident "embarrasing" and wishes it had never happened.

"At that moment, no one can tell you what it feels like at that moment," she told WJXT.

"It was more-so embarrassment, because I was still nice to her. I gave it my all and I stayed professional, even with her calling me every name in the book."

McDonald's has confirmed that the owner/operator of that restaurant, Debbie Moreland, is currently looking into the incident.


"I do not condone the behaviour depicted in this video. We are currently investigating this matter," Moreland said.