More victims have come forward saying they were short-changed by Newmarket bed shop Beds to Go, including a family of four who slept on the floor for a week because their $3600 order never arrived.

And a woman whose teenage son was forced to sleep on the floor after the king single she ordered for him was not delivered has been offered a bed for free by another company.

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The woman, who asked we only use her last name, Cho, said she was extremely grateful to Beds R Us for the offer, saying New Zealand was a beautiful country.


"Finally I can sort out all my stress."

Beds R Us was one of two companies to offer Cho, a single mother working in retail, a free bed after a Herald story was published detailing how she had spent $950 on a bed which never arrived.

A spokeswoman for the company said they were open to helping others still waiting on beds as well.

"We're in a place where we can help and we'd absolutely love to," she said.

Six people have now spoken to the Herald about paying hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars for beds which were never delivered.

Mt Roskill mother Nicola, who asked we only use her first name, said her family paid a total of $3600 for beds to be delivered when they moved house over Easter weekend.

But the beds never arrived, and they delayed the move for a week.

She, her husband and their two young sons were then sleeping on makeshift beds on the floor for another nine nights after finally moving house.


"My eldest son has autism and it's really affected him," she said.

"Just the not having his own bed to sleep in, not being able to be settled."

The stress, on top of moving house, had been huge for the family.

Eventually they got in touch with Beds to Go's supplier, who offered them the beds at a cost price.

They've since lodged a fraud complaint with police.

"Bringing this guy to justice would be great," Nicola said.

A police spokeswoman said anyone who thinks they may have been the victim of any fraudulent criminal activity should report it to police immediately.

Two more customers left out of pocket are trying to get their money back through their banks by disputing the credit card payments.

Both said Beds to Go director Richard Brazendale was difficult to get in touch with even when they went to the shop in person, and he blamed the fact their beds hadn't been delivered on his supplier.

Customer Mark Wilson said he was not hugely hopeful of recovering his $750 but was going through a process to try and get a refund through ANZ anyway.

"I've never had this happen before in my whole life."

Wilson said he wanted the police involved.

Another customer, who asked to go by jut her first name, Helen, said she was in the process of lodging a complaint with Westpac.

She spent $1100 on a bed which never arrived.

"Honestly, I have spent so much time, I've been so angry about this," she said.

Brazendale told her via text he would partially refund her money after she didn't receive the bed she'd paid for, but it never materialised.

"You go into that shop and it looks like a proper retailer. Where is the general public protected?"

The Herald was unable to reach Brazendale for comment.

Consumer New Zealand adviser Maggie Edwards said she advised people to pay as small a deposit as possible when buying furniture.

"If the bed doesn't arrive within stated delivery time, complain and cancel your contract."