A Newmarket bed shop owner has left customers thousands of dollars out of pocket after failing to deliver paid-for orders before closing down at the end of last month.

No one has been able to contact Bedz Ltd director Richard Brazendale since he shut up shop nearly three weeks ago, disgruntled customers say.

The Commerce Commission had received five complaints about the company, which trades under the name Beds to Go, since February, a spokeswoman said.

"Complaints included beds had been purchased then not delivered, the wrong beds were delivered, and problems with getting a refund."


One woman spent $950 on a king single bed for her teenage son in January, but it never arrived.

Her son, 14, has been sleeping on the floor for weeks because she got rid of his old bed with the expectation the new one was due to arrive.

The woman, who asked we only use her last name, Cho, was told repeatedly delays were due to the supplier sending the wrong bed.

After a month of waiting Cho demanded a refund.

"He said okay, but he didn't do anything. Excuses. That's all I got."

Cho is a single mother working in retail. She said it took her a long time to save the money and she couldn't afford to buy her son another bed.

"No money, no bed, nothing. I totally lost my money," she said.

Cho tried to get her money back through the Disputes Tribunal, but Brazendale didn't show.


She then found out the shop, located in Newmarket's Broadway shopping area, had closed down.

A Warehouse spokeswoman confirmed Bedz Ltd's sublease of the shop ended on March 27.

The empty shop front of Beds to Go. Customers say they have been unable to reach the owner since the shop shut in late March. Photo / Tess Nichol
The empty shop front of Beds to Go. Customers say they have been unable to reach the owner since the shop shut in late March. Photo / Tess Nichol

Cho took the case to police, who she said told her it was a civil matter, and to the Newmarket Business Association.

A police spokeswoman said that "in general police are not able to respond to inquiries which seek to establish whether specific individuals are or have been under investigation".

Association chief executive Mark Knoff-Thomas confirmed the organisation had received a number of complaints about non-delivery of Beds to Go orders.

"Although the association doesn't involve itself in the day-to-day operations of members' businesses, in the interests of securing the best possible outcome for consumers, we have previously been in contact with the store owner and encouraged them to urgently settle matters with their customers," Knoff-Thomas said.

As of last month, any complaints received by the association were referred directly to the Disputes Tribunal, he said.

Auckland man Will, who asked we only use his first name, said he paid $2000 when he and his girlfriend bought a bed frame and mattress from Beds to Go earlier this year.

Like Cho, Will's order never arrived and Brazendale told him it was because the supplier had sent the wrong bed, he said.

Will said he was now unable to reach Brazendale by phone.

"He's completely disappeared."

The Herald was unable to reach Brazendale for comment.