Have any of your Facebook friends give away your data to Cambridge Analytica? This page will tell you.

A total of 87 million people around the world, including 64,000 Kiwis, had their data compromised in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In New Zealand, those 64,000 Facebook users were impacted because of an estimated 10 people who downloaded the personality quiz app "This is your digital life".

This means that roughly one in 50 of the roughly three million Facebook users in New Zealand had their personal data sold to Cambridge Analytica.


Accessing Facebook's page about users' exposed data while logged into your Facebook profile will tell you whether or not you are one of those 64,000 users.

Now that you know whether or not your data has been caught up in the scandal, you can either delete Facebook (which is apparently not that easy) or take extra measures to protect your privacy.

For further information on this, check "How you can see and block the apps tracking you on Facebook" and "Ten things you should delete from your Facebook profile".

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is undergoing a two-day congressional inquisition that will be very public — and possibly pivotal for the massive social networking company he created.