Businessman Sir Robert Jones has reportedly been involved in a confrontation with a "drunk" woman at a Wellington bar.

Jones, a property investor and author, told Stuff that a "huge great ugly blonde thing" threw a punch at him while he was at Wellington's Juniper Gin Bar and Restaurant on Thursday evening.

Jones said he had been sitting inside the establishment having dinner with a group of people including his partner and children when a boisterous group of women were seated in the restaurant.

"They did as women always do when they get too much drink in them," Stuff reported Jones as saying.


"A woman started screaming on and on. I asked them to tone it down. They didn't so I asked them again."

According to Jones, one of the women took offence and started attacking him.

"Some huge great ugly blonde thing threw a punch at me," Jones said.

Jones claimed the woman who threw the punch was drunk and swinging wildly but didn't land a blow on the boxing enthusiast.

The restaurant has been contacted for comment.

Jones was contacted by the Herald but refused to comment on the matter.