We've all experienced that sinking feeling of realising we have lost something, whether it be your phone, wallet or keys, you can't help the dread that instantly washes over you.

One of the main places these items tend to get left behind is in the back of an Uber. It drops out of your pocket and you only realise long after your driver has sped off.

So to pay tribute to it's most forgetful riders, Uber has released it's second annual Lost and Found Index, listing some of the most common — and just plain weird — items that people left behind in 2017, reports News.com.au.

Predictably, the top three items people forgot were their phone, wallet and keys, followed by clothing and glasses.


Uber also listed the most unique items left in cars. Unfortunately they didn't detail why such outrages items ended up in an Uber in the first place, so you will just have to use your imagination.

A 1.3 carat diamond ring, flat screen TV, jetpack and diamond encrusted gold grills were among the more high end items that passengers forgot about.

People also had a habit of leaving important documents just lying around, including divorce papers, a marriage certificate, tax returns and a letter from an imprisoned boyfriend.

There were also a number of food items that people felt the need to report as lost, including a single slice of pizza and nuggets and a large fries.

There were also a number of food items that people felt the need to report as lost. Photo / Getty Images
There were also a number of food items that people felt the need to report as lost. Photo / Getty Images

One incredibly forgetful passenger even reported leaving his brother behind, the poor guy.

The days that people were most likely to report lost items were Saturday and Sunday, between the hours of 11pm and 1am, which is unsurprising as people usually aren't at their most observant during those times.

Here is a full list of all the wacky items people left in Ubers last year:

• Burger King visor
• Divorce papers
• Star Wars Encyclopaedia
• Gold grills with diamonds
• Originally signed Jessie James Decker CD
• Letter from my boyfriend who is in jail
• A 1.3 carat round diamond
• 2 packets of Dead Sea mud
• Bag with a Kevin Durant Jersey + a Mario doll
• Rhinestone mask
• Detox tea
• Tax returns
• Long board with rasta colours
• Slice of pizza
• Marriage certificate
• Ukulele
• Cat carrier
• Box full of hair extensions
• Nintendo 64
• Bushnell Golf Rangefinder
• Dark green wool fedora with feathers and pin
• Flute
• Bulletproof vest
• Flat screen TV
• A black collapsible wagon
• Jetpack
• A green Birkenstock right shoe
• Harmonica
• Jamaica Slippers
• French bulldog statues
• Leaf Blower
• Kids scooter
• Laundry hamper
• Fly fishing rod
• Minnie Mouse light up ears
• My brother
• Butcher knife
• Tuxedo
• Feather headband
• Nuggets & large fries
• A single dart
• Emoji lunch box
• Orange air mattress
• A bride's veil
• Pool cue
• Pink stuffed animal pig
• College diploma
• Pokemon card holder
• Red cape
• Forest Green alpaca scarf

If you do find yourself in a situation where you have left your bulletproof vest or your beloved Star Wars Encyclopaedia behind, then fear not, because Uber has created a handy video on how to get your items back.