Kiwis experiencing slow or a complete breakdown in their internet connections might have an Australian digger driver to blame.

A major fibre cut in Sydney is affecting international internet links to New Zealand and the United States.

Vocus, which owns Flip, Slingshot and Orcon, reported the cut yesterday about 11am (4pm NZT).

Slingshot and Orcon said a digger had cut through multiple fibre lines in Sydney.


New Zealanders have been posting on the internet service providers' social media accounts about how poor their internet connection has been.

"Was wondering why the internet was going so slow. Thought it was my computer sending it back to dial-up speeds," said one user.

"Good to know I'm not going crazy, thought it all seemed too slow," another said.

Just after 7pm in Australia, Vocus said the fibre team had hauled replacement fibre and splicing would begin soon.

The team expected all circuits to be restored by 6am (NZT).

"Hauling is currently under way with splicing to begin as soon as possible to restore services," the update said.

One report estimated repairs would be done by 2am today.