Your gut never lies so if you think your partner is cheating there's a very good chance it's happening right before your eyes.

Most of us have a good tale or two to share about our other halves — both partners now and the dreaded ex who has blatantly lied about cash.

To me fibbing about money is a deal breaker — if you can't manage your money properly and be open and transparent it's ultimately going to leave you with some serious blood, sweat and tears.

Here's five very big red flags to watch out for whether it be with your latest date, in your steady relationship, your husband or wife or the awful ex.



If your other half can't explain where their money is going you need to pay serious attention.

While there has to be a degree of trust in a relationship if there's isn't chances are you could end up in Splitsville.

If their finances don't simply add up then you should be raising your eyebrows and asking some tough questions.

You may notice holes in their stories, about why they can't pay a bill or meet the latest mortgage or rent repayment, or repay any money owing.

This is red flag number one.


There's no denying many people like to have the odd bet, even if it is just on Melbourne Cup.

But if you have a partner who would bet on a fly running up a wall and they're happy to bet on any type of sport you may be in for some serious trouble.

Online betting has made it easier than ever to punt but if you don't gamble responsibly then it can end in heartache.


Most forms of addiction, whether it be gambling, drinking or smoking are hard to break and if often leads to extreme stress in the relationship, particularly when funds are running low.

If you notice this happening then assess whether you can tolerate this behaviour.

In the long run often people don't change so often it's a case of accepting it or calling it quits.


If you notice your partner is living pay cheque to pay cheque then this could cause you some pain.

The question needs to asked, "Where is all their money going?"

Are they living within their means and if they are cutting it fine each week, fortnight or month then ask them why this is happening.

It's a confrontational topic but one that needs to be had.


Can a spender and a saver work well in a relationship?

I don't believe they can, but if you can make this work then good for you.

If their priority is to blow money on holidays or material or flashy items like cars and clothes and your trying to knuckle down and save this is likely to cause resentment.

Meeting in the middle on financial priorities is key.


This is the biggest red flag of all.

Your partner may even have a secret bank account or credit card that they don't want you to know about.

Being secretive leads to distrust and will ultimately cause you more harm than good.