The Five Day Marketing Challenge is very simple:

Pick a start date and then just put five different marketing strategies into action in five days.

For Instance:

On Day 1 you could speak with two of your best clients on the phone and collect a raving fan testimonial from each person.


A raving fan testimonial talks about why they chose your service, it explains all the benefits they have enjoyed by using your service and why your service is better than all your competitors.

A raving fan testimonial can also have your client answering your biggest sales objections at the same time.

On Day 2 you could create a brand new lead generation magnet and start using this magnet to attract potential new clients.

If you want to create a lead generation magnet quickly a good choice is a short video, a short email course or a short checklist.

On Day 3 you could send a letter to 10 key referral sources and invite them to give you a referral.

When you send a letter include some added value with it so that you start to build a positive relationship with each key referral source.

On Day 4 you could create a brand new service and offer it to 20 of your best clients.

On Day 5 you could send a letter to 10 potential clients who have indicated interest in your service.

In your letter you give them some added value and invite them to use your service as a way to get 2018 off to a positive start.

Offer an extra bonus if they invest in your service in January.

There are dozens of different marketing strategies that you could put into action in The Five Day Marketing Challenge.

So you can choose the marketing strategies that are most appropriate for your business.

The Five Day Marketing Challenge only takes five days to do.

And could be just what you need to get a great start for 2018.

"The only way to grow is to challenge yourself" - Ashley Tisdale
Action Exercise:

Choose five marketing strategies and put them all into action in five days.

PS: If you would like some help creating a Five Day Marketing Challenge for your own business just send me an email with details on the type of business you have and the type of ideal new clients that you would like to attract.

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