Phones, DIY tools, and a faulty toy were among the hundreds of "unwanted Christmas gifts" offered up on TradeMe within hours of the wrapping having been torn off this morning.

Many of the more than 300 listings appeared to be commercial offerings, but a few auctions, even including some high-end prezzies, seemed to be from people whose message didn't get through to Santa.

An iPhone 8 plus didn't hit the spot for one Aucklander, who is trying to flip it with a start price of $1200.

"Wanted an iPhone X so I'm selling this to get an iPhone X," they wrote.


Another is keen to cash in a $2000 Noel Leeming gift card voucher for $1950.

At the cheaper end of the market is an "unwanted, brand new, on card, still sparkly cute koala brooch" - buy-now $6.50.

Worst value must be the "New - Singing and dancing baby - faulty". This baby-like figure, which comes replete with sunglasses, bow tie and pipe, is an unwanted gift that has been in storage for some time.

If you want it, it can be yours for a mere $5. But be warned: the seller says, "... we have put the batteries in, but it no longer dance nor sing".

Thinking ahead to the next school term, an eraser can be bought for $2, making it among the cheapest "unwanted Christmas gifts" on offer, although be prepared to pay a $30 courier fee if you live on Stewart Island.

Speaker/docks for old iPhones and iPods are going cheap at about $20.

A pillow in the shape and colours of a slice of watermelon is on offer for $25

And if you're a bit tired after bingeing on pavlova and trifle this afternoon, why not consider some cleansing detox foot pads, which will only set you back $3.90 for a pack of 10. Claimed to relieve stress, release unwanted toxins and increase your energy level, they could be just the ticket to set you up for the Boxing Day sales.