Payments to the New Zealand Super Fund have officially re-started – and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern helped send the first $71 million.

Ardern and Finance Minister Grant Robertson were advised to double-check the recipient when they clicked a button on a Treasury staffer's computer to transfer the money.

"Just make sure you click the right one. We don't want to send the money to the wrong people," said Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf.

Today's payment is the first of seven that will total $500m.


The Government plans to put $7.7b into the NZ Super Fund between now and June 2022. Contributions to the Fund were suspended in July, 2009.

The fund has shown average returns of 10.2 per cent a year over the past 14 years and was set up by the former Labour Government to help pay for the future cost of superannuation.

National had proposed waiting to resume contributions until net debt was at 20 per cent of GDP, expected in 2020/21.