Vogel's is selling loaves of its coveted bread for just 28 cents - the price the Kiwi favourite sold for in 1967 when the company first launched.

The promo price is celebrating 50 years - but you have to buy a 2017-priced loaf to get the second at the discounted rate.

Retailers were free to price their loaves, however Vogel's recommended retail price (RRP) was $4.99.

The 28 cent price was calculated using the RBNZ inflation calculator based on Vogel's RRP.


Vogel's marketing manager Andrew Fenwick said a lot had changed in New Zealand in 50 years, but one thing which had stayed the same was a love of Vogel's bread.

"Not only did Vogel's launch in 1967 but New Zealand changed to the decimal currency that year too," he said.

"So, for those still thinking in pounds and pence, 28 cents is about 14d"

Vogel's special 1967 pricing is available for one week only from Monday December 4 at supermarkets nationwide.

It excludes the gluten-free range.

Earlier this year, a Vogel's ad bringing together eight strangers to discuss their life stories over breakfast was a hit, garnering more than 4.5 million views.

In the ad, the group of Kiwis are given plates from which they read different facts about the life of someone else at the table and must guess who it is.

The tone is set when the first plate, "Can name every All Black since 1987," is claimed by a Kenyan-born man.

The group includes people who are revealed to have taught in a war zone, speak fluent te reo, raise children by themselves and streak at Basin Reserve. One woman is revealed to be Rainbow Warrior hero Susi Newborn, who put herself between a harpoonist and a whale.

Vogel's is no stranger to being a viral sensation - in 2000 an ad about Kiwis missing their Vogel's while living overseas spawned the oft-quoted line "it was a year ago Michael, let it go".