Sales prices achieved for Auckland homes across the region have not risen as fast as Auckland Council's new valuation rise, according to the Real Estate Institute.

The institute has released its own numbers, removing rural and lifestyle, car park and commercial valuations, which it said were included in the council figures.

That showed that while the council's valuation increase in the past three years was 45 per cent, median sale prices for Auckland houses only rose by 35 per cent in the same period which was July 2014 to July this year.

Homeowners about to sell should not necessarily think their Auckland houses had all risen by 45 per cent because in some cases, they might not achieve such a high sale price which matches the valuation.


Bindi Norwell, Chief Executive at REINZ, said sales prices varied across the region.

"In some cases, the price you are likely to achieve might be above the CV. And in other cases, it might be below," she said.

"We've broken out all the seven (former) Auckland City Council regions so we can see what has happened in each of the cities within the Auckland region.