TSB has dropped bank from its name as part of a new brand and corporate logo to reflect its growth over the past decades.

Founded in 1850, TSB has grown to be the sixth biggest bank in New Zealand, with 25 branches around the country and its headquarters in Taranaki.

"We recognised that our company and customer needs were changing and it was time to make sure our brand was still relevant," said TSB chief executive Kevin Murphy.

Since 2010, TSB's funds have grown from $4 billion to $6b, with its customer base growing by 6 per cent in the past year. Its credit book has increased by 16.9 per cent since 2016, with significant growth in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.


The brand update sees TSB Bank drop Bank from its name to simply become TSB - similar to the evolution of other major banks, BNZ, ASB and ANZ.

Eight branches, TSB's website, ATMs and mobile and online banking will reflect the new brand from today.

TSB's famous logo, which featured Mt Taranaki, has also had a makeover to reflect the bank's growth outside the Taranaki region.