Australian shoppers have complained about the changes to baked beans after Kraft Heinz announced campaign in which its products were resized and rebranded.

Heinz relaunched an old favourite which it says is based on Australian consumers' evolving tastes and needs, but shoppers say the brand has not heeded their call.

Over the past few weeks Heinz has rolled out changes to its famous baked beans, which have been resized "based on research that found the existing can sizes didn't match," a statement from Heinz said.

It has also removed its Heinz logo and branding in what Kraft Heinz Australian Commercial President, Elkin Jackson, called a "bold" move for business.


"Removing the Heinz logo for a limited time is a bold move. We want to emphasise our commitment to consumers and celebrate the introduction of the new can-sizes and occasions," she said.

Yet customers have complained that the brand has reduced the size but kept the price.

New 300g and 555g size cans have begun filling shelves while 130g and 220g size rebranded cans will replace former versions at Woolworths, Coles and IGA stores.

The 420g and 820g versions have been pulled from production.

But the new 300g sized cans are selling for a similar price to the 420g version. A search online revealed Farmers Direct was selling the old, larger cans for $2.09, while Woolworths was selling the new 300g version for $2.

The 220g version sells for 20c less at Woolworths at $1.82.

The larger version, the 550g, sells online for $3, while at a Sydney Woolworths they were selling for $3.30.

One shopper said on Facebook it was a "badly disguised profit grab".

One Twitter user said his local Woolworths in Belconnen, Canberra was "selling both beans & spaghetti in the new sizes at the old price".

Others have called out Heinz for apparently skimping on its triple packs, which are alleged to have also been resized from 3 x 420g tins to 3 x 300g tins - for the same $3 price tag.

Kraft Heinz did not immediately respond to's questions on the matter. But it said it has removed its logo to replace it with "new names to highlight which can sizes are best for the different dining occasions".

These names are the "Lil One" (130g), the "One for One" (220g), the "One for Two" (300g) and the "One for All" (555g).

"First, we mapped how Australians consume Heinz Beanz, based on that, we started asking them if our current offer matched their needs such as the perfect amount of beans on a slice of toast, for a couple to share breakfast, for a family and to refuel for that perfect snack," a Heinz Australia spokesperson told

"Aussies consume their beans differently to the rest of the world so we created a portfolio that matches their needs."

The company said it combined its own 2016 research and ABS Census statistics "to complement our own consumer research with everyday Aussies".

What they found was that "Australian households have changed over the last decades, and Aussies are looking for ideal can sizes to suit different occasions".

The company confirmed major changes could be coming to Heinz Beanz's sister-product, spaghetti.

"Watch this space, there is innovation in the Spaghetti category coming and we can't wait to share this with Spaghetti fans across Australia and introduce similar can sizes in Spaghetti."