Inventive use of small spaces is considered to be the way forward for young, prospective homeowners.

The Home Show is being held at the ASB Showgrounds this week, showcasing more than 500 exhibitors and their latest products in the building, renovation, furnishing and home improvement sectors.

Organiser Amanda Magnus says one of the overall themes this year is making the most of small spaces, tiny homes and both adding and renovating on existing property.

"I think more and more the younger generation ... you know, you can make do with less space. You can actually be very inventive with less space. And I've seen a number of different companies making products and services that fit in with that genre."


Build Tiny director, Gina Stevens, has parked up her Millennial Tiny House prototype, which she plans to soon move into, at the show for people to check out.

There are lines out the door with people keen to take a look inside.

Stevens built it with her brother-in-law, and so far, she says they've built three of them and are working on a fourth.

"We've got a full-size kitchen - a lot of people going through today have commented that it's bigger than their apartment kitchen.

"So a full-size kitchen, with a fridge, oven ... we've got down the other end a bathroom, a full-size shower, full-size vanity, washing machine and a wardrobe."

She says there's also a sleeping loft with a queen-sized bed, and a space in the middle for storage.

The prototype is priced at $127,000, but Stevens says that's at the higher end, with other tiny builds costing $97,000.

She acknowledges tiny house living might not be for everyone, but says there's certainly the demand for more to be built.