A while ago I was reading a helpful marketing message from Andrew Griffiths. (Andrew is Australia's number 1 small business author with 12 books sold in over 60 countries)

Andrew mentioned the value of having a slogan for your business and he explained it like this: "A slogan can help you to own a patch of premium, priceless, permanent advertising space in your customer's mind. It's like putting a lifelong billboard in the busy intersection of their very own information superhighway. Invest once, benefit forever."

What I liked about what Andrew said is that his three sentences were all memorable. I particularly liked the last sentence.

"Invest once, benefit forever."


And it got me to thinking about what you can do to make your business 'super memorable'

Here are three strategies that you might like to try:
Strategy 1: Get positive PR by creating a brand new service that has never been offered before.

This strategy was explained in great detail by marketing legend Al Ries in one of my recent NZ Herald Columns. You can read this column here.

I saw another great example of creating a brand new service that has never been offered before when I spoke with Jim Angleton the president and CEO of AEGIS FinServ.

Jim had his own bank in Miami for 30 years which he sold a while ago. He then set up a new business that offers a number of unique services to his clients.

One of the services his firm offers is called Cyber Eyes (this is a service that I have never seen offered by any other business.)

Cyber Eyes™ is a service that does a lot of useful things for Jim's clients. It allows them to stop hacking attempts on their computers and networks and often it will allow them to identify who the hackers are and even where they are located.

Cyber Eyes also monitors all Social Media and identifies anything that is said (both positive and negative) about your business.


Jim shared an interesting example of this with me when I interviewed him.

One of his clients had a competitor who had made a large number of negative posts and comments on social media about their business. Most of what they said was actually false and in some cases it was out and out lies. Cyber Eyes allowed Jim's client to collect all these social media posts and use it to get a large financial settlement plus a public apology and retraction from their competitor.

This service has been immensely popular since it was first introduced and is a great example of creating a brand new service that has never been offered in the past.

Strategy Two: Explain what you do in a memorable way

Greg Claxton is the owner of Incredible Adventures and his business is all about helping clients to enjoy amazing experiences that they will remember positively for the rest of their lives.

One adventure they offer their clients is the opportunity to go to the edge of space in Russia in a MiG Fighter Jet. (Greg's business has been offering this particular adventure for over 24 years and it's one of their most popular packages.)

Greg has a memorable way of explaining what it is like to go to the edge of space.

On the day our client's fly to the edge of space they will be the highest and fastest civilian person in the entire world. That means that out of 7 billion people on the earth below them they will be the one civilian person who is the highest and fastest. They can mark the time and day they went up and say 'There is no civilian person who is higher or faster than me right now in the whole world'.

(I interviewed Greg for close to an hour about his business and this was one of the most memorable things he shared with me.)

Strategy Three: Use memorable words from other people

When other people say something memorable about your service you can often use their comments in your own marketing.

Here's a good example:

One of my favourite marketing experts is Bob Bly. His regular ezine on marketing tips "The Direct Response Letter" is well worth reading.

I sent Bob a copy of my brand new 106 page marketing guide 'The Expensive Service Marketing Solution' and a few days ago Bob recommended this marketing guide to all his subscribers in his latest Direct Response Letter Ezine.

Bob made a very interesting comment when he did this.

He said that "The Expensive Service Marketing Solution is easily the best writing I've read this century on how to market your services".

Now Bob is the author of 96 books on marketing, copy writing and business success which have all been published by mainstream publishers.

So he knows a lot about marketing.

And for him to say my new guide is the best writing he has read this century on marketing your services is memorable. And I'll certainly be using his comments in my marketing.

Try any of these three strategies as they are proven ways to make your business Super Memorable.

"For me, being memorable is more important than winning" - Ricki Lake

Action exercises


How can you create a brand new service that has never been offered before?


How can you explain what you do in a memorable way?


What memorable words about your business have been said by other people that you could use in your marketing?