The move from Auckland to the smaller town of Whanganui has come with no regrets for one man who has done it - despite some initial trepidation it might be too quiet.

Rene Olmos, 35, made the move to the town in March this year and said in a mere five months he has come to love the more laidback lifestyle.

"At the beginning it felt like there is less entertainment here in Auckland, but to be honest, everyone has their own routine and you can always find the things that you love to do anywhere you live."

There was also plenty of opportunities for business in the smaller town, he said.


"There is a lot of creativity in the region and some specialist and niche knowledge in manufacturing, heritage agriculture, apiculture and also the ability to develop high tech and remote businesses through the availability of ultra fast broadband in the city. I'm sure there will be some fascinating opportunities coming up with this mix of industry."

Olmos did not envision himself moving back to the big city lights in the near future.

"...honestly you never know. When I moved from Argentina to New Zealand I told everyone that the only place I could live was Auckland because it was the only city big enough after having lived in a country with 45 million people. Other towns just seemed too small," he said.

"Now, eight years later here I am, living in a beautiful little town."

Olmos particularly enjoyed having significantly reduced travel times, the friendliness of the community, the lower-cost of living and being able to more easily find a rental that would take pets.

"Little things like that make a difference in your life."

Buying a house to call his own was something the working professional now saw as within reach for the first time.

The higher prices in Auckland were something he'd always seen as a massive deterrent.


"I can't afford it, we are talking about having to take out a mortgage of half a million dollars minimum to buy an average house or even a two-bedroom flat in the CBD.

"Here you can buy a house for 100k with a great front yard and a backyard. Not like those packed houses in Auckland: one in front and one house in the back with six people living in each of them, to share the cost and 10 cars at the front yard.

"Aucklanders are getting used to living like that and that is not quality of life."