Rocket Lab has carried out its first test of another launch, but not without causing a stir amongst Waikato locals.

Emergency services were called to a property on Feisst Rd, Kopuku, in North Waikato after reports of an explosion.

However, on arrival yesterday morning Mangatangi firefighters didn't discover a fire at all rather the Rocket Lab crew carrying out what company chief executive Peter Beck called a "routine stack test".

"Rocket Lab carried out what is called a routine stack test, a process that tests the vehicle engines and flight hardware. The test was a success and an important part of the preparation ahead of Electron's second test flight in coming months."


The company has just released a video of the stack test onto its social media and website.

The tests come as the company irons out issues after its failed launch of its first Electron rocket in May.

While it made it to space, the flight in May had to be terminated due to an independent contractor's ground equipment issue, rather than an issue with the rocket.

The rocket, named "It's a Test", was terminated due to a "data loss time out", which was caused by misconfiguration of telemetry equipment owned and operated by a third-party contractor at the launch from Rocket Lab's Launch Complex 1 on the Mahia Peninsula.