Nestled amongst the cluster of 208 "affordable homes" being built in Hobsonville Point will be a number available for families to rent for up to seven years - and potentially bring their family pet.

A housing consortium has developed a rental model it hopes will offer young families greater security and is offering up a quarter of the development, 47 houses, to be rented long-term.

Renters' insecurity of tenure was a major theme highlighted among the hundreds who contributed to the People's Review of Renting released today.

New Ground Capital managing director Roy Thompson said the idea behind the project was to alleviate some of these concerns.


"The New Ground Living long-term model is based on recognition that 50 per cent of Auckland households are renting generally older homes, on very poor terms and with little or no security of tenure."

The rentals, which would be a mix of apartments and standalone homes, once built would offer a long-term lease of up to seven years.

Rents would also be set at the market rate for the first year, adjusted by the inflation rate for the following two years before being reset to the prevailing market rate every third anniversary.

North Shore mum Monique Hiskens, 23, says she'd move to Hobsonville in
North Shore mum Monique Hiskens, 23, says she'd move to Hobsonville in "a heartbeat" if it meant she knew the home would be hers for the next few years. Photo / Doug Sherring

The stability of the rental model would be particularly beneficial to those with young families, Thompson said, and would enable them "to obtain security of tenure and by extension stability of schooling for their children".

"In doing so, these families will be able to make their house their home."

Managed by New Ground Living, the properties would also give tenants the chance to bring their pet with them and if needed modify the home - with prior approval.

"Of course, it's not always going to be possible to accommodate every request, but our starting position is 'let's see if we can say yes'."

Monique Hiskens, 23, is a single mum living in a rental property on the North Shore.


An open-ended lease meant she was reluctant to invest too much into the house, or its gardens for fear she could be given a 90-day notice at any point.

"I hate the feeling of loving looking after my house, but knowing that could come to an end at any point," she said.

"My daughter and I love gardening, but I don't feel confident I can put what little money I have into seedlings and raise them because we could be out in the next 90 days."

Hiskens, who is studying full-time while working part-time in the mental health sector, said she'd live in Hobsonville in "a heartbeat" if it meant she knew the home would be hers for the next few years.

The option of having a pet was also something that appealed as it would enable her daughter's father and the family dog to come stay more often.

"Not being able to bring animals over makes things difficult and has definitely influenced how easy it is for us to spend time together."

The housing project has been developed in conjunction with New Ground Capital, NZ Super Fund and Ngai Tahu Property - which acts as the development manager.

The first homes were being built later this year and all going to be plan would be ready in 2018.