As Ivana Trump, the fashion model turned businesswoman and ex-wife of US President Donald Trump, prepares for the October release of a new book about raising her children, she's seeking approval from trademark officials to protect her name in various entertainment and business services.

Trump filed a request with the US trademark office in late June to safeguard her name for books, celebrity promotion services, television and radio shows, and motion picture production, according to government filings.

The trademarks were filed as an "intent to use," and won't be final until they're proven to be in commercial use.

Trump holds four active trademarks for jewelry, eyeglasses, wine, and her website. She has abandoned numerous marks over the years in such categories as clothing, perfume, and bottled water. Robert Clarida, an intellectual property lawyer at Reitler Kalia & Rosentblatt listed on the trademark filing, declined to comment.


The Trump family has a long history of filing trademarks to protect their famous name.

Ivanka Trump has had four trademarks officially registered since January: for handbags, online and retail jewelry stores, and rain gear. Ivanka has been the most active in filing protection requests.

Since the November election, Ivanka Trump Marks LLC has filed three requests to use variations of her name on apparel, obtaining preliminary approval for all three, according to government filings.

That brings to 10 the number of trademarks granted preliminary permission this year, following a nine-month dry spell for the brand. Critics say they're concerned Trump could use her government position to benefit her business interests.

Earlier this year, Trump signed a deal with Gallery Books, an imprint of CBS Corp.'s Simon & Schuster, to write a tell-all about raising her three children -Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka. Donald Jr. and Eric now control the Trump Organization, the family's privately held conglomerate, in their father's stead, while Ivanka has assumed a role as a senior adviser in the White House.

Dan Strone, Ivana Trump's literary agent, didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

This will be Ivana Trump's fourth book, following two 1993 romance novels ("For Love Alone" and "Free to Love") and a 1995 self-help book, "The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping with Divorce and Enjoying Life Again."

She married Donald Trump in 1977. The couple divorced in 1992. After her ex-husband became president-elect last November, she expressed interest in becoming ambassador to her native Czech Republic.