A legal spat between two Kiwi rich listers has wrapped up in the Chancery Division of the London High Court.

Sir Owen Glenn and Eric Watson are faced off in a court battle in what appears to be the latest chapter in a war over assets worth more than $200 million.

The hearing between the Kiwi business heavyweights - whose combined wealth has been estimated at $820m - began last in May.

The court case was the latest chapter in a long-running wrangle, which has seen the former business partners and sports club owners battle over how to split their assets.


It has previously been reported how the heavyweight entrepreneurs fell out over a joint venture called Spartan Capital.

Court documents showed Sir Owen and Watson had gone into business together in mid-2012, joining forces to invest in European property through Spartan.

Spartan Capital was named in a 2014 court ruling out of the British Virgin Islands, revealing the company's assets included a Jersey bank account holding more than $200m and significant property ownership in England.

The court documents stated Sir Owen had poured £133m ($211m) into Spartan and was unhappy over what he saw as an unfair deal, with Watson claiming a shareholding on the capital.

The judge's final decision has not yet been handed down in the latest case. Judge Sir Christopher Nugee reserved his decision and it could take months for him to hand down a final verdict.

Sir Owen, who is currently battling cancer, told TVNZ he plans on going to Poland tomorrow and will eventually make his way back in Sydney and New Zealand.

"Whatever is left of my life, I'd like to get on with it," he told 1news.