A survey has revealed stress in the workplace is set to rise for workers.

More than 75 per cent of New Zealand chief financial officers (CFOs) believe the levels of stress their staff will endure will increase over the next three years.

The survey found increased business expectations, increased workloads and underdeveloped IT infrastructure as the top causes of stress.

Megan Alexander, managing director of recruitment company Robert Half, said employees working in finance could expect more pressure.


"Despite New Zealand workers typically enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, rising stress levels should be a key concern for New Zealand company leaders given its impact on the business," Alexander said.

"End of financial year is always a hectic time for the finance department in any company as finance employees are confronted with higher workloads and generally shorter deadlines, which can result in workplace stress."

A further 35 per cent of CFOs believe their finance staff's stress levels will increase "significantly".

Alexander said not addressing overworked and stressed employees could be detrimental to business.

"Businesses with stressed employees will not only experience the negative impact on their business productivity - workplace stress can also lead to low staff morale and increased sick leave, all directly impacting a company's bottom line."

Survey findings reveal 93 per cent of CFOs are actively taking measures to reduce stress in their workspace. Two in three CFOs are redesigning their work spaces to increase productivity, 45 per cent are encouraging staff feedback and 42 per cent are offering flexible employment.

Business leaders need to be proactive to combating stress, Alexander said.

"By implementing a combination of measures to prevent and reduce workplace stress, New Zealand business leaders will not only enhance their employees' well-being, they will also help their staff reach their full potential, making them all an inherent part of the company's success."


Key findings

• 75 per cent of CFOs believe employee stress levels will increase
• 35 per cent of CFOs say stress levels of their employees will rise "significantly"
• 93 per cent of CFOs are taking measures to reduce stress
• Business expectations, increased workloads and underdeveloped IT infrastructure are top causes of workplace stress