Ever since the start of the month, Domino's Pizza has been refusing to deliver to the Rotorua suburb of Fordlands, because the company deemed it unsafe.

"A lot of people do order Domino's. It's great to see the Domino's vehicles driving around here."

Domino's Pizza Koutu banned all orders to Fordlands after its delivery vehicle was stolen in the area on June 1.

Managers wouldn't appear on camera - but said they made the decision after getting advice from police about the safety of their team.

Rotorua police, however, tell a different story.

"As Area Prevention Manager, I'd say there are no places in Rotorua where it is not safe to deliver pizza, or for any business owner or employee to go about their business.

However, police say they did give the company tips to keep employees safe.

Resident Hone Morris says when he heard about the ban he called the store to query it.

"They said that they would restart the next day, but I haven't seen any Domino's drivers around as yet..."

Domino's won't say when they are starting deliveries in the area again - but did tell NZME they are planning to make an announcement of some kind early next week.