Calls for action after a spate of aggravated robberies will see the Government announce more than $1.5 million in funding to help shopkeepers.

A spokeswoman for Police Minister Paula Bennett said an announcement on aggravated burglaries would be made tomorrow.

New funding in Budget 2017 set aside almost $40 million over four years to try and prevent burglary rates, by cutting reoffending and providing help to repeat victims to decrease their chances of being targeted again.

That will include funding to buy window locks, security lights and bolt locks. Tomorrow's announcement is likely to offer similar support to shop owners, through a fund worth more than $1.5 million.


Recent aggravated robberies of dairies have put some owners in hospital with injuries, with one requiring surgery on an arm.

Stop Crime NZ crime prevention group founder Sunny Kaushal has organised a petition to Parliament, public meetings and a protest march.

One meeting was held in front of the Crown Superette in Mt Roskill, the scene of a brutal robbery which left a shopkeeper severely injured and blood spattered around the shop.

The Act Party has called for Police to record the number of robberies in which tobacco is taken, saying the black market for tobacco is fuelling dairy robberies.

The Government last year passed legislation to hike the price of cigarettes to about $30 a pack by 2020, despite being condemned by New Zealand First and Act.

The tax on tobacco will rise by 10 per cent on January 1 each year for the next three years. That is expected to bring in an extra $425 million in tax over that period.

About 15 per cent of adult New Zealanders smoke. The smoking rate increases to 35 per cent for Maori, and 22 per cent for Pacific people.

The increases are part of measures designed to make New Zealand smoke-free by 2025, and received strong support from health professionals and advocacy groups.