A property listing on Trade Me looking for a flatmate to share a people-mover has attracted controversy and at least one official complaint.

The listing, Sandringham - 3 bedrooms, was posted by an Auckland member just over two weeks ago, asking for a flatmate to share their "tidy caravan".

However, photos provided by the seller show not a caravan, but a people-mover vehicle. The inside has been converted into a makeshift bedroom, with a number of mattresses stacked on a small platform.

"We are looking for a flatmate to live in the caravan," the listing says.


"Nice and tidy caravan with a small kitchen sink. There is a cupboard for storage too."

The seller has advised that "you will need to come inside to use the bathroom/toilet and we have [a] washing machine available, too'', indicating a house is available nearby.

"We are looking for someone that is fairly independent & enjoys their own space, but you are certainly welcome to use the main kitchen."'

The rent is $99 a week. Pets are not allowed, but smoking is okay.

The listing goes on to say there are four existing flatmates.

Trade Me spokesman Logan Mudge told the Herald it had received one complaint about the listing, but said it would not take it down.

"We're giving the seller the benefit of the doubt. It's a tad cheeky and has been up for a couple of weeks.

"The seller looks to have been very upfront with the images and description of the property, which is what we ask of all our members.

"Renting a minivan to live in definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea."

A Trade Me seller is looking for a flatmate to share a people-mover in Sandringham, Auckland. Photo / Supplied
A Trade Me seller is looking for a flatmate to share a people-mover in Sandringham, Auckland. Photo / Supplied

Mudge said prospective tenants were advised to ask questions and to check the accommodation in person so "everyone has their eyes wide open from the beginning".

Potential tenants were also advised to check the seller's feedback record.

The Trade Me seller, dinuteteja, has 100 per cent feedback; save for a couple of mutual blue faces.

Auckland Council was made aware of the listing following media inquiries.

This afternoon, the council's acting director of regulatory services, Ian Smallburn, said the advert did not actually break any rules.

"While the renting out of this type of accommodation is unusual, it doesn't breach regulations that the council is responsible for enforcing, namely the Health Act, Resource Management Act or Building Act.

"This is due to the fact that the accommodation is not a physical structure and can be moved - and there is access to water and sanitary facilities."

Smallburn said under the Auckland Unitary Plan, a caravan was able to be used as a temporary additional room in many of the city's residential zones.

"Auckland Council doesn't regulate the standard of habitable rooms, but aims to ensure they don't have any effects on the wider environment and are safe from risks, including fire risk."