A North Island real estate agent facing serious sex charges including attempted rape has had his licence renewed and is currently selling homes.

The man is vowing to fight the charges in court and told the Herald the allegations had destroyed his life, costing him his wife and kids.

He faces at least a dozen charges, including sexual violation and attempted rape.

The offending is alleged to have occurred between 2011 and 2016.


Authorities were aware of the charges when the man's licence was renewed in December after earlier being cancelled in light of police vetting information.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the Herald the allegations had come "out of the blue" and he would defend himself against the charges in court.

"There's no truth to them whatsoever. Everybody should be given the opportunity to still be deemed an innocent person till otherwise proven."

The situation was a complete shock, he said.

"I have suffered from mental health [problems] because of this. It's completely rocked my world and I've lost everything because of it. I've lost every single thing that I ever worked for - my family, my wife, my kids." He confirmed he was still practising as a realtor and his firm was aware of the charges he faced.

"Number one, I haven't done anything wrong and number two, the allegations aren't involving anything to do with my role as a real estate agent.

"It's not a nice situation to be in for me or my family. It's the worst thing I could ever, ever imagine to have anybody go through and unfortunately I'm bearing the brunt of it all."

The man declined to comment further without talking to his lawyer.


The man's boss told the Herald the agent had fully disclosed the police charges.

The firm had chosen to support him after taking advice from police and the Real Estate Agents Authority.

"We've put things in place that assist in having [the man] still carry out his duties and we're very comfortable with that position.

"We've been managing this very closely from a personal nature and at this stage where he's at in his personal life, business life and mindset is really positive, and that's what we're concerned about too."

The boss declined to specify what measures were in place but said the firm took its responsibilities seriously.

"The last thing I would want to do is draw a shadow over my reputation and my business' reputation.

"I believe that everyone does deserve a fair hearing and we basically have to wait for that to come around." The man's licence was cancelled last year after information was received from a police vetting report in June.

He had ticked "no" to having current or pending charges during an earlier licence renewal application, and "no" to there being "any other circumstances that would or might make you not a fit and proper person to hold a licence".

The man appealed against the cancellation, arguing he had not been charged when he filled in the licence renewal application, and had therefore not misled licensing officials.

The Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal agreed, overturning the decision on appeal in December, and ruling that the licensing registrar had "erred" in ordering the cancellation.

But the tribunal reminded the man of his obligations to notify the registrar of any "changes in your circumstances impacting your eligibility to hold a licence".

A Real Estate Agents Authority spokeswoman said the man's licence was under review, but confirmed he was currently free to work as a real estate agent.

"However we note that they will need to comply with any bail or other conditions placed on them as a result of any charges."

The authority would not comment further and the police refused to provide information.

The case will go to trial this year.