Your database is your goldmine. Full stop. Well, that is if you use it well and adhere to the strategy of producing content of benefit to the people reading your communications; then using it judiciously to bring in more business.

Let me give you a current example.

I'm writing this from Marbella Spain, in the Costa del Sol, Andalucía Spain - to be quite precise. I've just finished a speaking engagement here. But how did a New Zealand based speaker get this job?

By keeping a great database; being consistent with communications that as mentioned above adds value so people want to read it - then asking.


I won't bore you with the chain of events, but after speaking in Chicago in 2016, I added over 100 of the delegates to my newsletter mailing list. When I knew I was going to Spain for a holiday, I went to the database to see whom from Spain was on the mailing list.

I emailed them asking if there were any speaking opportunities during the dates I was there that they knew of. Eureka there was one - and they hired me.

Moral of the story - keeping people on your database not for months, but for years.

Thinking outside the square looking for opportunities, then asking. So what elements are needed to be successful?

My business Quick Tip newsletter is one of the longest running in New Zealand and Australia. I started it in 1999, and I'm proud to say I rarely get unsubscribes.

Mail Delivery Errors from people leaving jobs - yes, but few pure unsubscribes from simply not wanting it.

You will find there are five vital components of a successful marketing email.

1. Database
2. Content
3. Technical setup/design
4. Distribution
5. Response management


Each component has significant bearing on how well received (or sadly - received at all) your marketing email or newsletter will be; and if action is required, it is taken by your recipient. Let me share my top three database tips with you.

1. Never, never let anyone go. By this I'm not talking about when they ask to unsubscribe. I mean people you meet. Prospects. Customers. Put them on your newsletter database (with their permission of course).

2. Targeted is best. You must ensure your email is as relevant as possible to your recipient. If one of the articles you are promoting is relevant to New Zealand only - , exclude it from the newsletter to those outside the country. Yes. I'm talking two - or more versions. Why? You might sacrifice a few sales in the short term.

Longer term you'll preserve your asset; the goldmine you've worked so hard to acquire. The goldmine is the trilogy of: one - your marketing database; two - your permission to email those on it; and three - getting them to read your email.

In this day of extreme overload, it's vital to be relevant and spot on in your targeting. This is why one of my top recommendations is to always get as much information as you can into your marketing database. This leads us to point three when your newsletter contains content that sells.

3. Don't try to sell the same thing to the same people too many times. Your first use of the database for a specific offer will get the gold medal. Your second time run with the same subject turns up a few more, a bronze medal. Your third run is a wipeout. No bronze here. Very little take up and lots of unsubscribes. My advice - if possible, don't be greedy and skip the third email.