Kiwis overwhelmingly support local businesses, but half of New Zealanders say they don't know the name of a single shopkeeper in their neighbourhood.

A nationwide survey commissioner by American Express revealed 92 per cent of Kiwis thought that local shop owners make their neighbourhood a better place to live.

Kiwis also go out of their way to shop locally and support the local small businesses.

But, the time of knowing your local grocer or barista by name might be disappearing, Rob Bourne, American Express Head of Card Services said.


"Times have changed. We used to have a much closer connection with local shopkeepers. Kiwis are still very supportive of local businesses and want to help support local businesses."

When asked if they know the name of a local shopkeeper or restaurant owner, 52 per cent of respondents said no.

However, some shopkeepers and customers foster close relationships.

Tara Bourgan, owner of Foxtrot Parlour cafe in Auckland suburb Grey Lynn, said she knew her regular customers by name, including one customer who would come in for a morning coffee and muffin at the same time every day.

"We know his order. It's a real community based cafe."