Social media users woke this morning to find social media meltdown with Instagram down and people taking to Twitter to share their pain.

Instagram announced that there was a known problem with its service shortly before 6am AEST. People could open their Instagram app to see photos, but many people could not share their latest photo or post to Instagram stories.

Instagram reached the milestone of 700 million users last week and a look at the #instagramdown hashtag on Twitter would suggest that most of that 700 million people, and their dog, were facing a personal crisis.

Although today's crash is enough to send some Instagram addicts into a personal crisis, the social media app is generally going strong.


In reaching the 700 million users mark last week, Instagram has doubled its users base in two years.

That it added 100 million people in just four months, compared to the six months it took to add the previous 100 million, shows the rate of growth of the app owned by Facebook is growing.

Stories, the feature Instagram copied from Snapchat, is seen as one of the key drivers of the recent growth.

Since Instagram launched Stories, Snapchat's growth has slowed by 82 per cent.