The new UberEATS food delivery service has created a boom for eateries across Auckland.

The online service allows central city workers or residents to get meals from more than 70 restaurants without leaving the office or couch.

UberEATS, a smartphone application from ride sharing service Uber, is designed to give people access to a broader range of food than what is otherwise available for delivery.

A number of Auckland restaurants are reporting a significant upturn in business since the service launched three weeks ago.


Best Ugly Bagels, run by celebrity chef Al Brown, has been taking an extra 40-50 orders a day.

"We are steady throughout the day but we are particularly busy with Uber orders in the morning," Best Ugly Bagels spokesman Stuart Robertson said. "We work this around our regular daily business because we don't want to compromise the experience regular customers have when they come into the shop."

Delivery costs $5.99 over-and-above the cost of the order.

Robertson said he has taken requests from individuals for a single $6 bagel - about the same cost as it is to get it delivered - and orders of more than $100 from workplaces at lunchtime are not uncommon.

"We are tapping into a market that wasn't there before."

As part of its launch, UberEATS is offering free delivery for new customers' first three orders until the end of April.

Aari Puri, owner of Boy & Bird in Ponsonby, said they are so busy the UberEATS app often has to be switched off for periods during peak times throughout the day. He also now has a dedicated manager at weekends to deal solely with Uber deliveries.

"We have to go offline for 10 to 20 minutes at a time because of the demand," he said. "But the customers don't mind if they sometimes have to wait a bit to contact us because they like and want our food. By 8pm last Saturday we had ran out of everything in the kitchen."


Puri said one of the reasons the service was proving popular is because parking can be difficult in Ponsonby.

"The deliveries have also been effective for attracting customers from other areas of Auckland," he said. "I am often asked why we don't open in Mission Bay or the North Shore but there is no need because our food can now be delivered citywide."

A spokesman for At Bangkok, in Kingsland, said even if they only broke even from providing the service it was worth it for the exposure the restaurant gets through UberEATS.

"Dishes like our Pad Thai and our Red Curry are among the most popular. Plenty of people are placing orders of $20 or less and having them delivered because they can't be bothered making dinner or going out to get it."

Uber says it plans to "soon" expand the service into more parts of Auckland.

"Since we launched we have been overwhelmed by the response from Aucklanders," Uber New Zealand and Australia spokesman Caspar Nixon said. "They have truly embraced a new way to get the food they love, with thousands of orders in the first couple of weeks.


"We have also been surprised how busy lunch has been, with with many people placing orders to work during the lunchtime rush."