A tiny London studio flat where the toilet is just inches from the bed has gone on the market for £520 ($920)-a-month - with property experts branding it a "cupboard with plumbing".

The room in the Kilburn suburb includes a collapsible bed and a fridge as well as a two-hob cooker.

The person who moves in will not need to go far if they need the loo - because there is a toilet and shower right next to the sleeping area.

However they will need to step over their own bed to get into the shower - and there's certainly no room to swing a hairdryer.


The room has just a folding partition for privacy in the room which is described as being fully furnished with "bright neutral decor throughout".

Optimistic estate agents Annandvilla also said the property had "high ceilings" and an open-plan kitchen - with the hobs in easy reach of the bed.

But the Rightmove advert warns: "This room is tiny and has limited space for living."

The estate agents also suggest it could be "good for wash, cook and go" - and that it is "single occupancy only".

The studio flat quickly drew fierce criticism on Twitter from buyers decrying the state of the property market in the capital.

Writer Eva Wiseman tweeted: "This city has shattered and people are paying to live in the darkest cracks."

Another user added that the size of the flat was "horror-comedy" while a property blog slammed the flat as "a cupboard with a window & plumbing".