A Whanganui man is aiming to get one million people out of debt with his new business, Debt Free Me.

Former ANZ regional manager Scott Lee left the bank in 2014 to start an alternative finance advisory business called Love and Money. The idea was to prompt better conversations around money in personal relationships.

Mr Lee said it was successful but the concept took a lot of explaining.

"I found out that I'm really good at getting people out of debt," he said.


"One client I worked with, named Debbie, got rid of $8000 of debt in 10 months and $600 back in her account every month," he said.

Mr Lee said he stopped working for banks was because he wanted to make a difference in peoples life's.

"Debt consolidation loans at banks and finance companies allow people to carry on with previous habits. I don't believe debt consolidation works unless there's an education process and clients know what decisions they are making."

Mr Lee will run Debt Free Me workshops, introducing a three-month guide to getting out of debt.

"My intention is to build up a coaching business with 40 to 50 coaches operating through a virtual programme that could be used all around the world."

The first work shop will be on Tuesday, March 21, at the Heritage House in Whanganui at 6.30pm.