The Trump family famously sticks close together - in business and in politics.

So it shouldn't surprise anyone that Tiffany Trump, who graduated last year from the University of Pennsylvania, would consider going into the family biz. Our colleague Amy Brittain is covering the opening of the Trump hotel in Vancouver, and she reports that Donald Trump Jr. dropped a little bit of news about his younger half sister.

Tiffany Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter with Marla Maples, his second - and former - wife, is "soon to be within the organisation," her brother said, in reference to the Trump Organisation. Donald Jr. is the trustee of the Trump Organisation, along with his brother Eric Trump - an arrangement put into place when Dad left the helm of the company to take some other job that involves a funny-shaped office.

Last we heard, Tiffany, 23, was an aspiring lawyer: she has been spotted touring various law schools, and the Above the Law blog reported that she took her LSATs in December. Trump Org certainly has a big and active legal department, so maybe there's something for her there?


Could be that Donald Jr. was just joking. Or perhaps Tiffany Trump really is about to order some new business cards. A spokeswoman for the company and another for the first lady's office, which traditionally handles queries about first kids, didn't immediately respond to our emails asking what the younger Trump might be up to.

Whatever her role might be, there's certainly room for a Trump sister at Trump HQ in Trump Tower - Ivanka Trump left her perch as executive vice president of the family business to accompany her husband, White House adviser Jared Kushner, to Washington.