They've been banging on his door and leaving letters in his mailbox, and Ray White real estate agent Tatjana Day has been inundated with phone calls.

The interest from buyers in a pensioner's Birkdale home has been unrelenting, Day told the Herald this afternoon.

"I can say comfortably that [his] dream will come true," Day said when asked about buyer interest in the home, which is being offered to a first-home buyer.

"We have probably had more than 100 emails and phone calls on top of that and text messages, since it went up yesterday morning.


"I have printed them all out and it's close to half a ream [of paper]."

Not only will the buyer get the house, but the owner is also leaving all that's inside, including the crockery, appliances - even tins of paint.

The man, who did not want to be named, told the Herald yesterday developers often outbid first-home buyers, so he wanted his house to go to people not already in the property market.

Day said he had also found the interest intense as people were visiting him personally, ringing him directly or leaving him notes in his letterbox.

Day said anyone interested in the house should contact her directly.

"He has been getting people turning up and knocking on his door and putting letters in the letterbox. People can contact me, I'm happy to chat. I can discuss issues with him first rather than him feel like he is being invaded."

The three-bedroom, one-bathroom 675sq m property also featured a pool and has been owned by the man for 47 years.