Mazda New Zealand has issued a recall after a global problem with a part that could involve up to 22,000 local vehicles.

The cars affected are the Mazda 2,3 and 6 models, as well as used vehicles imported from Japan that were purchased between September 2007 and March 2012.

The company said a problem had been identified with the seat adjustment lever and in some cases it could break off.

Mazda New Zealand general manager Glen Harris said the company was aware of 11,300
vehicles in New Zealand that could be affected, as well as a possible further 11,000 imports.


"On these vehicles, it's possible that the seat height adjustment lifter link may crack, or the retaining nuts become separated," Mazda New Zealand said in a statement.

"This may lead to a rattle in the driver's seat and in the worst case, the lifter linkage could break causing the seat to tilt and thereby restrict the driver's ability to maintain a correct driving position."

"We would stress the risk of this happening is minimal and there have been no occurrences of it in New Zealand."

Mazda said it was working with its global corporation to confirm the number of vehicles affected and would contact affected owners once this information became available.

The company would arrange for inspections and repairs at no cost to its customers.