Cosmetic and candle company Trilogy has received a price enquiry from NZX following a significant drop in its share price in the last month.

Trilogy's share price fell 22.26 per cent from $3.19 since January 9 to $2.48 yesterday.

In a letter responding to the NZX Trilogy's chief financial officer Lindsay Render said the company "continues to comply with its continuous disclosure obligations."

Trilogy has the Trilogy natural skincare and Ecoya candles brands in its portfolio.


The company faced criticism earlier this year when University of Auckland senior lecturer and NZ Herald columnist Michelle "Nanogirl" Dickinson said an Ecoya candle "exploded" on her kitchen table sending shards of glass across the room.

Ecoya responded by saying there didn't appear to be any wax in the jar housing Dickinson's candle, however Dickinson replied saying the candle was poorly designed.

Ecoya said it was confident the incident would not cause long term brand damage to the company.