A hilarious Village People parody has appeared on You Tube warning Auckland real estate agents to watch their backs or they'll wind up before the 'R.E.A.A'.

The video was produced by Harcourts Cooper & Co branch on the North Shore and is set round a pool setting to the 70s disco classic YMCA.

Complete with cowboy, construction worker, leatherman, police officer and feather-adorned Indian, the clip pokes fun at industry watchdog the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) while warning agents about the serious consequences of being economical with the truth.

"Young man, does the back deck comply? I said young man, if it doesn't don't lie.


"I said young man, be careful out there, because gone are the days of buyer beware."

The catchy tune moves on to the crescendo chorus...

"It's no fun at the REAA. No fun at the REAA.

"So don't tell any lies and you will be fine. You can then go and have a good time."

It continues: "They can fine you some cash, make you feel the blues, or worse you're on the six o'clock news."

Any my personal favourite:

"You may think what you've done is minimal. They'll call you a criminal..."

Published on January 26, the video has notched up 24,000 views on Facebook and been shared more than 200 times.

It follows a series of high profile cases of Auckland real estate agents being struck off or put before the courts following investigations by the REAA.

"Serious message, humorous delivery," an accompanying message reads. "Compliments of Cooper & Co Auction team."

One commentator wrote: "Really well done, great way to get the message across. Watch out Air New Zealand."

Another wrote: "Wow, brilliant rendition from the boys ta Cooper & Co."