Businesses bearing Donald Trump's name face an increased risk from criminal gangs or terrorists, security experts have warned.

Extremists could target hotels and skyscrapers or even abduct workers with links to the President, it was suggested.

Terror expert Colin P Clarke, of US think-tank the RAND Corporation, said: "They may kidnap a Trump worker and not even want to negotiate."

Never before has a sitting president owned such a range of prominent properties - and some of Mr Trump's businesses are also in volatile parts of the world. Trump Towers Istanbul is in the heart of a city that has been hit by a string of Islamic State bomb and gun attacks.


The president's name has been given to a planned luxury resort in Bali, where jihadis killed 202 people in a 2002 bombing. A Trump-named residential tower is under construction in Mumbai, where 166 people died in a 2008 terror attack.

And a further skyscraper is being built in Manila in the Philippines, where militants conduct frequent kidnappings for ransom. The Trump Organisation said it has "extensive protocols in place" at its properties in the US and abroad.

"Our team continues to work very closely with local law enforcement," it added in a statement.