Desserts will be delivered to the doors of Auckland after an expat Englishman discovered a gap in the market during a late night sweet treat craving.

Sweetas Cakeaway has been set up by Leeds man Luke Ingram after he developed a hankering for some sugary goodness on a quiet Saturday night in.

Not wanting to settle for the usual frozen fodder from the supermarket, he set about seeing if anyone was able to deliver some freshly made desserts to his door.

"I was just thinking 'oh I could go a nice dessert' and rather than driving to Countdown and buying something readymade or one of the frozen ones I thought it would be nice to get one of the homemade ones.


"I started googling and I couldn't see anything there and I just thought well, this could be a gap in the market."

After brainstorming with his business partner Chris Wilson, the pair came up with Sweetas Cakeaway, a business delivering cheesecakes - the menu includes a TimTam one, Nutella and a white chocolate and berry one - to your doorstep.

"I've always wanted to work for myself and just wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity."

Two different brownies - a chocolate and a peanut butter chocolate - are also available along with milkshakes and snacks.

The business launched last weekend but unfortunately for most New Zealanders, the deliveries are currently limited to those living on Auckland's North Shore.

However Ingram and Wilson plan to expand in the next few months, first targeting the central city, followed by the west and south.

"We just want to make sure we can walk before we run.

"We don't want to start delivering too far, we just want to make sure that we get the business model operating perfectly and then gradually expand."


As well as Auckland, Ingram hopes to set up in Hamilton - to make the most of its student customer base - as well as in Dunedin.

"We don't just want to target students but we realise it will be a huge market for students. But we would like to get in the family market as well.

"We got some great feedback from a family of six [at the weekend] who said it was the most beautiful cheesecake they've ever had and will be ordering it again."

The cheesecakes and brownies are made by hand in a commercial kitchen on the North Shore on a Friday, while the milkshakes are made fresh to order.

There's a maximum delivery time of 45 minutes and if you spend more than $30 you don't get charged the $3 delivery fee.

"The menu at the minute, there's not heaps of stuff on it but we will gradually keep adding things and just make sure that what we are delivering is top quality.


"We just wanted something that's different and we know that everyone likes TimTams ... although we only launched [last] weekend by far it has been the most popular so next time we'll order more be made by our baker."

The key was differentiating themselves from the usual supermarket fodder.

"If you go into your local Countdown these are not the kind of cheesecakes that you can get that are already frozen."

And if that isn't enough to whet the appetite, they are currently testing a new 'blonde' brownie using white chocolate.

He admits the desserts won't be for everyone but "people still love the sugary goodness of things".

"It's just a niche product and I think there's always a demand for it. I know there's always going to be people with the fact that they're trying their healthy eating but there's a reason McDonald's and Pizza Hut are still in business."