A British property tycoon has banned single mothers, battered wives, plumbers and low income earners from becoming tenants.

Fergus Wilson, a landlord, defended a document posted online which revealed the latest 'letting criteria' which he has issued to a letting agent.

The 69-year-old set out 11 stringent rules for those who will not be able to rent his properties, which also includes families with children, pet owners, smokers, single adults and workers on zero hours contracts.

He's even banned plumbers from renting out his properties as he believes they overcharge him while carrying out simple repairs and adding extra jobs to the list.


Instead only those who are able to afford rent and can provide a rent guarantee are to be accepted for his properties in 2017.

Fergus runs his Kent property empire along with his wife Judith and said he is continuing to sell-off properties, but that families and single parents pose a problem as it can take up to 13 months to get a possession order if he decides to sell.

Last year he campaigned to become Kent's Police and Crime Commissioner and vowed to take on the bullies who batter their girlfriends, wives or partners.

But he said that typically the bullies cause damage to his properties by kicking down front doors, and also causing damage inside the homes, therefore he doesn't wish to take on those who are victims of domestic violence.

However, when it comes to plumbers, he does not want them to rent from him.
He claims this is because they regularly offer to carry out seemingly routine repairs before telling him that more work needs to be done, leading him to believe that they are ripping him off.

In the document, which was issued at the end of December last year, Fergus said: 'Like any business, we are consistently fine tuning to best advantage..'

The multi-millionaire claimed he did not discriminate against minorities - as long as they pay the rent.

Fergus added: 'We do a letting criteria every year, and like four out of five landlords we don't accept those on low incomes and housing benefit.


'The average salary in Ashford is £23,000, but with average rents and to provide a rent guarantee someone would need to be earning at least £30,000 a year for our properties.
'The system is against single people, but most of my properties are family homes. We don't have one-bedroom flats.'

'We have said nothing against lesbians and homosexuals or coloureds. As long as they can pay the rent. We are in business to make money so we make a selection based on a sensible business plan.

'If ever a person came in wearing pink socks and defaulted on rent, and it became a regular problem, then we would stop renting to people who wear pink socks.'

Fergus said he takes details of national insurance and employment to prove who is living in his properties to insurers and to prove that his tenants can afford to live there.

Meanwhile he also takes car registration details for council car parking permits and for flats with allotted spaces.