Lion is working to identify the issue which has caused stubbies of Speight's beer to be more difficult to open.

The Speight's beer Facebook page has been inundated with comments in recent days about the tightness of caps on the beer.

A spokeswoman for Lion - the brewery behind the beer - said while there was no timeline for the problem to be fixed, the brewery was working on it.

The tight lids have caused fans of the Pride of the South to bruise and cut their hands in an attempt to tackle the taut tops.


"We are aware of the issue and our operations team is working on it," the Lion spokeswoman said.

"There are a number of factors that affect the tightness of the cap and we are in the process of identifying and analysing the cause so we can make the appropriate change.

"In the meantime, Speight's drinkers should take care when opening their bottles and we strongly advocate using a bottle opener if finding the cap is tighter than usual."