Rebel Sport is warning people not to use a kayak for children after it was found the vessel could take water and sink.

A government product safety recall was issued in Thursday's Herald which said there was a fault in the kayak which "could cause water to enter the kayak and sink."

Distributor Rebel Sport voluntarily issued the recall and buyers are able to get a full refund by returning the product.

The sporting retailer have removed the kayak from their website, but a cached version shows the product was selling for $199, down from $299. The manufacturer is believed to be based in New Zealand.


Only a "handful" of the kayaks were sold, said Rod Duke, managing director of Briscoes Group - the parent company of Rebel Sport.

The fault, he said, was noticed by Rebel Sport staff who then decided the kayak was not "up to spec" and issued the recall.

"We've spotted this ourselves and issued the recall on our own initiative."

Duke said the focus now was to reach the people who had purchased the kayaks and return their money. He believed no one was in danger of drowning.