A giant $420 million 570-residence housing project is being planned north of Auckland at Orewa.

On Friday, Changda International (NZ) will launch its Sunny Heights project on Sunnyheights Rd, citing a project value of $420 million.

"Sunny Heights represents a substantial investment in Auckland's housing market. Changda International is collaborating with government, real estate investors, developers and construction companies to help address the city's housing shortage. When completed in late 2018, the 42ha Sunny Heights development will accommodate more than 570 homes in a mix of standalone houses, terraces and apartments," said the invitation.

Chris Darby, Auckland Council's planning committee chairman, welcomed the project.


"It's encouraging to see a developer proceeding and I'm hopeful it will progress to housing that can be occupied by people," he said, referring to snags with some other projects due to construction price rises and funding issues.

Changda said more about its plans.

"Changda International (NZ) chairman Mr Pengqiang Xu, board member Mr Jinxing Xue and general manager Mr Yanbing Liu look forward to meeting you and sharing their vision for a vibrant community in beautiful Orewa," the invitation said.

The site is inland from the coast on farmland, between State Highway 1 on the Albany-Waiwera toll road and the Hibiscus Coast.

A celebration lunch is being planned at a nearby stadium after the announcement, the invite said.

An image released shows groups of two-level terraced residences with rolling hills and green park-like space between the homes. No sale price has been announced yet.

In 2014, the Overseas Investment Office granted consent to Changda International New Zealand to buy assets from Sunnyheights Ltd, owned by Richlisters Peter and Joanna Masfen.

The application went to the OIO because the total expenditure required exceeded $100 million and land classified as sensitive was involved, the decision said.


"The applicant intends to establish a business of property development that includes the acquisition of the land at Sunnyheights Road and the subdivision of, and development of residential properties on, the land," the decision said.

Julia Parfitt, chairperson of the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, said she would attend the event on Friday and welcomed the project.

"We appreciate working front-end with developers and their consultants to ensure that there is connectivity with our existing communities and its important where reserve areas are located," she said.

"The initial stage of Sunny Heights has great views and a wonderful northerly aspect. It has excellent public transport and good pedestrian links within the area and to Alice Eaves bush and is an easy 15 minute walk to Orewa Primary," Parfitt said.