Statistics NZ staff are moving into a new home after the 7.8 earthquake partially collapsed its headquarters at CentrePort.

Spokesman James Weir confirmed around 80 staff have already moved into the HP Tower in central Wellington with more heading there in the next couple of weeks.

"We are using the space for a temporary period for the purpose of business continuity," Weir said.

Statistics NZ will take up a number of floors at HP Tower but the government department is too large for the building, meaning it is still searching for more space in the city.


Building owner Chris Parkin, who formerly owned the Museum Hotel, told Fairfax that Statistics NZ were negotiating a two-year lease for several floors at the HP Tower.

Weir, however, said any terms of negotiation were commercially sensitive and the move was strictly temporary.

Parkin would not comment for this article.

Statistics New Zealand's building at CentrePort was damaged in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake to the extent that it could be up to a year before it can be reoccupied.

The Government, meanwhile, has launched an investigation into the failure of relatively new buildings - including Statistics House - following last week's quake.

Announcing the investigation, Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith said the earthquake had tested the seismic strength of many of Wellington's multi-storey buildings.

"This investigation will focus on Statistics House to understand its performance and where there may be wider lessons for improved design," Smith said.